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Tungsten Rings For Men (All)

Here you will find all Men's Tungsten Wedding Bands that we carry. Even though this says tungsten rings, our collection actually includes tungsten, black ceramic, and cobalt chrome rings. Here you will also be able to find rings of all thicknesses - 4mm to 20mm.

You can always go to our Black Tungsten Rings page if that's the color you like - or if you like more unique, stand-out colors, visit our Tungsten Inlay Rings page.

You'll quickly find that the wedding bands and rings we carry cover a wide range of styles and looks, but there's one unifying quality: beautiful design and impeccable craftsmanship.

All wedding bands we carry are made of incredibly tough and durable materials. White tungsten rings and black ceramic rings are also the most scratch-proof rings on the market. Black tungsten rings are created by applying a black titanium coating over white tungsten. So while it is possible to scratch that coating, it can be reapplied for a cost of only $20. We are so absolutely sure that these rings are so durable that we offer a 100% Lifetime Warranty that covers against any scratch or finger size changes, including any and all accidental damage!

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